Hello my name is Stephen Gallagher and I'm an artist from Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland. 

My art is my passion. Nothing in this world excites me more than working on a piece of art. Once I put brush to canvas, I lose complete track of time and find myself unable to do much more than pour my energy into it.


Along with painting I have always had a love of dogs. I find tremendous joy in painting these animals and seeing them come to life on the canvas in front of me. I understand the deep love an owner has for their dog.


A few years ago when I was living in New Zealand I got word from back home in Ireland that my best pal Ozzie (the goldie) was starting to have serious health problems. After hearing this news, I was driven to create something that would forever captured who he was in this life;  his gentle, loving eyes, and the way he always had to bring a gift in his mouth when he was happy to see you. So I used what gift I was given and painted his portrait.


After his passing away shortly after, my painting I created of him has taken on a special significance. It helps me to reflect on what made him special and the joy that his life brought to me and my family. I will treasure it forever!


My mission now is to help others celebrate the joy and enrichment dogs have brought to our lives. To fulfil this I paint commissioned portraits as well as exhibiting original works.



2016 Dec - Group Show, The Corridor Gallery, Brisbane

2017 June - Solo Show 'A Portrait: 100 Brisbane Rescues', Reload, Old Munitions Factory, Brisbane

2017 September - Solo Show 'A Portrait: 100 Brisbane Rescues', Black Lab Coffee, Brisbane

2017 November - 'A Portrait: 100 Brisbane Rescues', Dog Lovers Show, RICC, Brisbane  

2018 May - Group Show, The Village Art Gallery, N.Ireland 

2018 Dec - Group Show, The Village Art Gallery, N.Ireland

2019 June - 'Old Mates' Exhibition, The Dirty Onion, Belfast, N. Ireland


2019 March - Pet Portrait Workshop - Cafe No 47, N. Ireland

2019 April - Pet Portrait Workshop - Cafe No 47, N. Ireland

2019 May - Painting a Direwolf Masterclass - Black Box, Belfast

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