'Rescued' Exhibition, Adderton House & Heart of Mercy, 9th Nov-2nd March 2020

 Pet & Animal Portrait Workshop, Cafe No.47, N. Ireland, Feb 8th-9th 2020  |  March 7th-8th 2020

"My mission is to celebrate the joy and awesomeness dogs have brought to our lives."

Stephen Gallagher

Canine Portraiture

What people are saying



 I am in awe. You are so talented mate and you absolutely have captured the essence of our Rusty. My mum is going to be so delighted and there will DEFINITELY be tears shed I can guarantee you that.



Aah dear Stephen...I cannot believe it!!

It looks sooooo like Millie ..you have captured her 100%! I’m more than pleased!

Cannot thank you enough for all your skill and attention to detail!!!



Oh my gosh! The final photo of Duke looks absolutely amazing! I cannot believe how realistic it looks.
 I showed my mum the image and she cried haha dad is going to love it! Incredible stuff.



Stephen its absolutely perfect. Brought a tear to my eye! I miss him so much
You have captured his spirit so well. His eyes are amazing. Exactly what they were like in reality.
Thank you. Its incredible. Cant wait to have him home!

Andrew Morris


"I have been in tears this afternoon...thank you for your incredible talent that you share with us all, you have truly captured the depth , beauty and Love that always shone from Andy's eyes when he was with me..."



Put simply, it makes me happy when I look at your painting of Rocco! It will be hung in a prominent location in our new house to be admired for a long time to come.


I also really appreciated the progress updates along the way. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you regarding the final steps in the process.




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